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Pinnacle Meditech specializes in delivering customized solutions for specialist healthcare providers. We work alongside leading physicians in identifying innovative technologies to improve clinical outcomes.

Pinnacle Meditech excels in charting out unmet needs, scout for state-of-the art technologies and create solutions that fits clinical needs. With our extensive experience in local and global support, our team excels in taking proactive role

Pinnacle Meditech prides itself on the business innovation which brings quality care for the patients using advanced technology and best practices in the industry.

Products & Categories
  • RIS

  • Pinnacle Pacs

    • Workstation

    • STREAM Worklist

    • TITUS CD/DVD Distribution

    • PHOENIX Dicom Converter

  • FOCUS Endoscopy Management

  • IMAGIC Ultrasound Image Management

  • IOG


Our Values



Our vision is to empower every healthcare professional running a small practice anywhere in the world with the 'power of technology' that is usable, understandable and affordable.



Our mission is to cater high quality 'Doctor Friendly' technology programs for Medical Professionals, and to make an omnipresent medical software brand that is synonymous with the best in quality , affordable and the most useful of medical software programs with best in class after sales support



A Highly Motivated and Dedicated Team of Management Consultants, Programmers & Operations Professionals. Their In-depth relevant Experience in Development & implementations of Hospital Management, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Blood banking, Medicine & Medical informatics software solutions

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